MoLo (Modern Loom)

Modern Loom deals with the faces we show. The colorful feelings and memories weave through the loom creating an intricate life. Even within the painting you are only seeing one side. 

Untitled (the future is yours)

Not really much to say about this piece. It's a riff off of Scarface's quote "The world is yours." but pointed in a much less power hungry direction. The use of Miami pastels colors are also reminiscent of the movie Scarface. It's a cheerful piece that I always turn to when I want to give up or feel my dreams are too big.

Its simple statement back is, "You know you can do it."


The unraveling of the Mind

On a crisp white background the text 'Mind' is read. White light creates our spectrum of color much like the brain creates thoughts. These thoughts are organized at the beginning/left of the painting to symbolize the beginning of our timelines/youth. These thoughts/feelings/memories fray and become less accessible as we age and move to the right.