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Hola, I’m Kat Loeber. 👋 I was born in Queens and raised in Jersey. I look to create what I don’t see in the world. When I’m not at my 9 to 5, I paint in a style I call Graphic Abstract Expressionism (GrAb-Ex). All that means is that there may be shapes and symbols that are recognizable but the interpretation is completely unique to the viewer. Take a look and tell me what you see.

Stay groovy-Kat

Instagram: snipsnapkat

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Garbage In The Garden

Does seeing garbage in a garden make the garden aspect more beautiful or does it get devalued? We all see a bottle on the ground or plastic tangled within some flowers and we just keep walking. Maybe we feel devalued too.

3 Not In Front Of Them.JPG

Not In Front Of Them

What sides do you hide?

4 Wrong-Galaxy.jpg

Wrong Galaxy (SOLD)

Sometimes I feel like you could bring me to a 1000 diff galaxies and I still wouldn’t fit into any of them.

7 Belt Parkway.JPG

Belt Parkway

One continuous line finds it's way to from the bottom to the top. Starting position to final destination. Take a trip and look around, you can get a lot more out of the journey if you want to. My favorite piece of 2019.

6 Homecoming.jpg


This was originally called Solangitude and Katitude because I was a v big nerd for maps, flags, and atlases when I was little. There is definitely a lot of map influence in the black and white lines.

PTG Views.jpg


Really a big break in style for me. This is the first painting where I tried this to a point perspective and matched it with a cornucopia of color. It reminded me of standing on a rooftop in the city.


Learning To Find Another Muse (SOLD)

Oh, how just seeing your face or thinking of you used to make the magic reappear. Poof! I would see lines and new colors I’ve never put together. But lately the magic has started to feel like poison.


Square Flowers

Today I’m all edges, bring me flowers baby.

2 Cardi Bouquet.jpg

Cardi Bouquet

Named for looking like the Invasion of Privacy album cover put out by Cardi B.(great album btw) The sister painting to Square Flowers but these flowers are from another world.


Jalapeño Moutains (SOLD)

I think I was watching Guys Grocery Games when I named this one. I liked the idea a mountain silhouette with different skies.

Bowling x.jpg


4 POV Yello Backdrop.jpg


The same image or information can be interpreted a million diff ways. many will never try to change their view point and i ask you to at least consider it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

2 La-Madrugada--White-.jpg

La Madrugada (SOLD)

PTG Know Spirit.jpg

Know Spirit (SOLD)

I created this piece for my friend Brittney. Her friendship has really opened my eyes to what spirituality is and what it could be. Gold ring/halo for religion//beliefs and a black to white gradient to show the grey of life.